translated from Spanish: Today’s PRI and “the Ochito” that preceded the “malovazo” in 2010

It amazes the triumphalism reflected by the president of the municipal PRI in Culiacán, Miguel Angel Amador Rodríguez, following the triumph of candidates directly related to that party in 13 of the 17 syndicatures last Sunday. True, it’s a victory worth acknowledging and motivating enthusiasm in the ranks of the tricolor, but it’s too early to throw bells on the fly towards the 2021 constitutional elections.In addition, the priist triumph is a result of the work of many people, not only Of Amador, as he intends to promote him in the media. How much this situation reminds us of the pre-2010 electoral process: the PRI was filled with pride in winning all the federal deputies (eight at the time), assuming that this would reach him to win the government, which, as we know, did not happen: Mario Mario López Valdez beat Jesús Vizcarra Calderón. Arrogance and the cult of personality on the part of its leaders does no good to any political party, but to the contrary. Of course, we mean an experience Amador did not live, since all his political work is in Sonora, not Sinaloa. Nothing would do rather to pri Culiacan if a change of president and that the current one be returned to his land. Important call made to the employers of Sinaloa the president of the Sinaloense Party, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, in the sense of paying wages to workers to avoid a family economic crisis, even in the case of scadging work because of the emergency living health care, derived from COVID-19. Similarly, Cuen urged the various government orders to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (which remain afloat with daily income), through agreements such as forgiveness of drinking water, electricity, income and credit services; is the case of restaurants, groceries, aesthetics, tianguis and a long etcetera. Finally. Good news, which we needed so much:
In response to The request made by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel on February 22 in Culiacán, the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, yesterday announced a guarantee price of 4 thousand 150 pesos to the ton of maize. Following the good news, Ordaz Coppel said the decision is a recognition of the Sinaloan producers and the struggle they led together to different federal bodies this year and the end of the past. He referred to his meeting with AMLO a month ago in the Sinaloian capital (during a breakfast prior to his transfer to Tamazula, Durango), when there was time to consider marketing the six million tons of maize in the state : ‘The president’s last visit was very productive, even though he was not here in Sinaloa, he came by the way, having I was able to talk to him to give this push to the guarantee price of maize; He said yes, to see him with Ignacio Ovalle, and he did, to give this certainty to our producers,” he said, referring to the director general of Mexican Food Security, with whom the governor met days ago. It is by virtue of the above that Quirino regarded this achievement as the fruit of a great work that was done months ago, when on several occasions he personally led producers before federal legislators and officials of the Government of the Republic, in the interest of demand a fair price for maize.« This was a big step, to be heard, to understand the real situation of Sinaloan commercial agriculture, and it was many years that we were not answered. Let us not forget the arrears of Aserca, which were so uncertain, and today with this great struggle what we won is the future, will give us a lot of certainty for the next negotiations on the basis of a very different basis,” the governor said. Congratulations.

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