translated from Spanish: Township launches Web App to detect real symptoms of Coronavirus

Before the first cases of Coronavirus were confirmed in our country, the Municipality of Colina and the Municipal Corporation, they were already working to deal with this serious health crisis that today affects almost everyone. Thanks to this they have been able to react quickly implement a series of measures that seek to protect the health and well-being of all their neighbors, offering services remotely.
One of the most innovative solutions is a web application that allows users to perform a medical self-assessment, to guide people to attend health centers only when needed. «The system downloads a questionnaire that allows them to know more details about their health status, to know if their symptoms may be related to Coronavirus COVID-19 and when they should go to a care facility. The web app «Colina takes care of you» is now available for Smartphones and mobile phones and can be downloaded by entering the site», says Mario Olavarría, mayor of Colina.
Once it is downloaded and the person answers the questionnaire, health professionals are informed of the results, so if necessary, call the user directly by phone and coordinate a visit to the nearest health center. In this way a filter is established, which allows neighbors to attend a medical service only when they are safe of their symptoms and thus, in turn, avoid the congestion of the enclosure, which could cause more contagion.
Another measure that has allowed to guide all the neighbors of Colina, is the enablement of Fono Colina Responde. It is a Call Center 22 829 5566 exclusively to consult on topics related to Coronavirus, which will be attended by health professionals, who will provide guidance on this disease, its symptoms and preventive measures.
«These two initiatives are in addition to those already carried out in the commune, such as the sanitization of public buildings, equipment, streets and high-density areas of people in order to minimize the chances of contagion. We are working as a municipality to protect our neighbors and we will continue to lift new measures until this pandemic can be fully controlled,» the mayor concludes.

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