translated from Spanish: All about Mexicans who are quarantined in Italy

Italy.- The 10 Mexicans in a hotel on the outskirts of Rome are serving a 14-day quarantine along with 180 other people of different nationalities after disembarking from the Costa Luminosa cruiser, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) said. In an information note issued by the Mexican Embassy in Italy, the Chancellery stated that quarantine implies that it is strictly forbidden for people to leave the space where they are secluded and come into contact with other individuals.

The provisions were taken by the Italian Government and given the health emergency in that country, the Government imposes sanctions of up to 5 years in prison on anyone who violates this ban. The Mexicans, along with the other 180 passengers on the Costa Luminosa cruise, arrived on March 21 in Savona, Italy, after being denied to make the cruise in different countries in Latin America and Europe because 38 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed on the ship.

Some of the quarantined Mexicans / Photo: Reforma

The SRE stated that the hotel follows the safety devices and health protocols set by the Italian authorities. He also stated that the consular section of the Mexican Embassy has maintained constant contact since arriving in Italy with them, provided them with the medicines that some of them regularly consume and has delivered hygiene and personal items to them. The Chancellery even reported that – on 27 March – the Embassy of Mexico sent a letter to Civil Protection of Italy asking that better care be provided to the passengers of the Costa Luminosa who are in quarantine and that a decent treatment be ensured. In addition, the Mexican Embassy in Italy remains attentive to the availability of flights to repatriate them at the end of quarantine. You may also be interested:Bolsonaro questions co-deaths by COVID-19The potato donates 30 respirators to Italian hospitals by Covid-19Coronavirus Italia today 27 March. How many dead go

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