translated from Spanish: Answers to 21 frequently asked questions about quarantine

Government spokesman Karla Rubilar, together with Under-Secretary for Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell, responded yesterday to a number of possible doubts about quarantine in seven RM communes.
1.- Are the permissions different depending on whether you are quarantined or curfew?

Yes. In curfew, the permissions for the operation of companies that are essential are much more expanded and have a national rank. But those in a quarantined sector, this is for businesses and essential workers and works with the credential plus the card.
2.- What if I don’t have a unique key?

Since yesterday temporary permits will be able to be obtained only with the identity card and the verification number that is on the back, in
3.-Those who cannot work for health reasons Can they lose their contractual bond? Are you going to get your pay?

No. The Government gave an indication to a bill to be retroactive that, through cesanship insurance, all persons have their remuneration.
4.-What about cessation insurance?

From Monday, all these procedures can be done remotely.
5.-Can private house consultants work?

In the case of workers outside they should not go to their work. The workers inside can make the decision to stay or not.
What about the janitors?

Yes, but they must present their employment contract or a certificate issued by the condominium, plus their license card.
7.- What about older adult caregivers?

They require the employment contract or certificate given to them by the employer, plus their ID card.
8.-What about those who care for the home, as gardeners?

It is not allowed to enter quarantined locations.
9.-What about electrical maintenance?

When a lack of electricity is generated in the home or an emergency situation, you are authorized to go emergency crews, with your credential and license.
10.-Can health workers, civil servants and emergency workers work?

Yes, carrying your credential and ID card, but only in the exercise of your duties both quarantined and curfew.
11.-Where can I find companies that are considered of essential good?

There is an instruction with these essential services that is published on all government websites.
Can I go to the supermarket?

A temporary permit has been established without the need to carry a unique key in, which, with the IDENTITY card and code, I can go to the supermarket for 4 hours.
13.- Can I go to the pharmacy?

Yes, I can go for three hours of basic services.
14.- Can I go to the doctor?

Yes, the permit lasts 24 hours and can be ordered with a companion at
15.- Can a family member go and visit an older adult in quarantined communes?

It can be if it is required to accompany an older adult who is alone. But you have to stay there until the quarantine is over.
Can I go to a funeral?

Only if you are a direct family member and have a five-hour permit if you are within the region; if it is outside the MRI the permit is 24 hours, but when returning you must comply quarantine 14 days.
17.-Can I walk my pet or take him to the vet?

Veterinarians are going to be open and even work during curfew. Pets can be walked for half an hour daily.
Is public transport going to work?

Yes and passengers entering the quarantined area will be monitored to confirm if they have their respective safe conduct.
What about a move?

This must be rescheduled for the end of quarantine.
20.-What about visits to children of separated parents?

For this period no visits are made and then compensated between the parents.
21.-What about delivery?

If you are running only the local kitchen to generate this service no problem, but they cannot do it during curfew time.

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