translated from Spanish: Confirm AMLO tour THE DEBATE

Federal delegate Jaime Montes confirms that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will come to Sinaloa next Sunday 29 and visit Navolato, specifically Altata, where dredging work is carried out on an access channel to turn it into a high-altitude port, the boardwalk will also be widened. AMLO will arrive from Baja California, where he will tour the San Luis Río Colorado. You may arrive by plane at Culiacán Airport, or arrive by road and two vehicles are soon ready. You may make a stopover in Hermosillo, and here in Sinaloa you will move in two others. The rest of the tour is not yet confirmed, there are projects to go to Badiraguato to oversee the advances of the road to Parral could also go to El Rosario and Mazatlan to supervise the work of the Santa Maria dam, but that depends on the time it takes to stay in Sinaloa. Governor Quirino Ordaz will accompany you during the tour. One of the most important works that the president will oversee in Navolato is the dredging of the mouth of the Cedritos drain to remove a natural plug that blocks the exit of culiacán drainage and causes flooding in rainy seasons. Under these conditions, Jaime Montes highlights the importance of the presidential tour at a time when the suspension of work by the federal bureaucracy has just been decreed and that the country faces the coronavirus pandemic. Potpourri. The State Government is now suspending activities in all areas considered non-essential, to prevent Covid-19 contagion; however, it keeps open the offices of public safety, health, civil protection and collection, as well as platework and civil registries, to attend the formalities and provide the services that the population needs most in these times of crisis. Speculation. It will be speculation, hoarding or concealment of food and necessities, but a week to here the prices of purified water, chicken, tomato, avocado and egg were unusually skyrocketed. The same traders say that, without any explanation, suppliers increased them by arguing that there is a shortage or that production costs increased. In contrast, the price of gasoline has unusually fallen, in some parts to below 15 pesos per litre. It is already known that, because of the low oil, fuels were lowered in many countries of the world, but Mexicans were not used to them going down, on the contrary, they always kept or increased. Also under the domestic gas and electricity bills are not getting as expensive. The peso was devalued, the dollar was quoted yesterday at 23.39, it fell a little after it was sold to more than 25 pesos. I hope everything normalizes. FAKE NEWS. In addition to leading emergency duties for the pandemic, Health Secretary Efrén Encinas must be airing every time to clarify false news spreading about people allegedly infected with Covid-19.

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