translated from Spanish: Municipality of Valparaiso proposes “Model of Community Confinements” to address health crisis

The Municipality of Valparaiso, proposes to implement a model called Community Confinement that they explained “is based on the activation of the community, whose action will be key to make effective the limitation in the circulation of people. It is a fact that the different social sectors of our country, but also the age groups, do not have the same conditions to face quarantine. It is also a fact that it will be women who will, once again unilaterally, receive the burden of care. This model seeks to take care of this wide variety of inequalities, and to advance a articulation between local government and the community, in order to collectively and democratically develop a policy of care that leaves no one behind, and ultimately prevent, that it is those inequalities that end up defining in fact the fate of the people in this
From the commune they recognized that given the socio-economic reality of the city Valparaiso is not in
conditions for an absolute home quarantine. It is a fact that the State is not in a position to guarantee the needs of all households to establish such a condition. From our perspective, it is therefore necessary to combine the activation and organization of the community, which together with municipal action, allow us to move on to the new mode of confinement,” they explained.
Specifically, they detailed that “this is a model based on the idea of the archipelago, in so far as it involves dividing the commune into a set of territorial units of community and municipal action, which will seek
insulate and at the same time interconnect in a regulated way with each other. In addition, the multi-scale approach implemented in the Pladeco recognizes a set of larger units that must act on the entire communal territory or large portions of it. The proper functioning of the model therefore requires its flexibility and adaptation, since all services and actions will not be carried out on the same territorial scales”.

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