translated from Spanish: Reading at home: a proposal for kids during quarantine

Preventing the progression of the COVID-19 virus is of paramount importance worldwide. States and Nations are calling for citizens to remain in their homes in order to quell the coronavirus, which due to its scope and number of victims was declared a «pandemic» by the World Health Organization (WHO). To accompany families, adults and children from their homes, dozens of artists, specialists and teachers adapted their content to broadcast them either through social networks, or through various platforms.

Billiken Edition «Pioneer Women» Photo: Press Courtesy

It is available from films, plays (about the Ministry of Culture of the Nation), as well as programming and classes for children. After suspending face-to-face classes to prevent students from the virus, the Ministry of Education launched «We Continue to Educate,» a pedagogical initiative that works in the media and via streaming. Added to this is the proposal of the Atlántida publishing house: that through the #YoMeQuedoEnCasaLeyendo initiative and #YoMeQuedoEnCasa bring the annual edition of Billiken magazine in PDF format for free to download. 

Billiken Edition «Rights of the Child» Photo: Press Courtesy

From educational content, to activities to explore and discover with the kids the world around us, the magazine contains nine topics widely developed with explanations, images and activities. In addition, a special with math exercises for all levels, programming notes and robotics, crafts, drawing classes, the pioneer women of Latin America, jokes and games. In this way, once again, reading crosses physical barriers with a proposal to approach homes and provide kids with more than time at home.

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