translated from Spanish: They look for a woman and her daughter, there’s blood in the house and they suspect her boyfriend

Cristina Iglesias has been wanted since Wednesday, March 25 with her 7-year-old daughter in Monte Chingolo. Her brother, who made the public denunciation on social media and also in justice, explained that she «would not leave under any point of view without warning» and despair grows. The woman, who lived in her boyfriend’s house with her daughter, showed no signs of life throughout the week and in the house were found ID and various personal belongings. «The guy came into the house and saw him leave alone on Thursday 26 and knows nothing about him,» Fernando explained, adding: «The scientific police are working on the site and found traces of blood like drag!!! my 7-year-old niece is also missing!» The remains of blood and the escape of the possible femicide alert the whole of Mount Chingolo that in the midst of a global epidemic by COVID-19 is in an extraordinary situation. Cristina’s desperate search takes place in a difficult context but police launched an investigation and her boyfriend is the prime suspect. The bloodstains on the floor are alerts and indicators that a fact of violence happened there. But Cristina is not the only woman sought and possible victims of gender-based violence. There are at least three more cases in our country. Romina Aguirre, The Silver
The 24-year-old left her home in Altos de San Lorenzo on March 24 in the early hours of the morning and did not return. Her family, who filed the report for whereabouts inquiries at Eighth Police Station, find herself desperate. Romina wore a light T-shirt, a jean, black and white vans and a backpack with flowers. For data to find her communicate to 911
Haydee Salazar, Bariloche
He disappeared on Sunday, March 22, his family filed the complaint at the police station and the police are conducting rakes to find his whereabouts. At the time of his loss, he wore jean, beige platform shoes and jacket. From their inner circle, they ask that any information it may contribute to the cause be communicated to: (294)4357659, which is their daughter’s number. Claudia Repetto, Sea of Silver
Claudia Repetto, 53, was last seen on March 1 at her home in Mar del Plata and her whereabouts are a mystery. More than 100 personnel from the fire brigade and the Buenos Aires Province Police intensified the search but nothing is yet known. The main suspect in his disappearance is his former partner, Ricardo Rodríguez, who is on the run. Investigators found a shovel that a neighbor had lent Rodriguez to days earlier. The victim had been a couple for three years of the suspect, but for eight months the relationship ended. According to witnesses close to Claudia, he couldn’t stand the breakup and started harassing her. «He was chasing her, he was getting into the house. He wouldn’t leave her alone,» Cristian, his brother, told the press.

The image speaks for itself. Claudia’s relatives claimed for her appearance in the middle of the pandemic.

The woman lives in the Termas Huinco neighborhood, three kilometers from the Port. According to her brother, she was planning to go out to dinner with a man that Sunday, but she texted him canceling her appointment because she wasn’t feeling well. In recent days, an audio of Claudia sent to a friend of hers was also released, where she claims that her ex beats her and «drives her crazy.» I’m going to do it, I was thinking today. I need money, I need to live in a better place, near the center and this son of a bitch doesn’t bother me anymore. I hear a noise and it looks like it’s him, he’s going to hit my hand back. I don’t even want to turn on the patio light. I’m going to sneak out. Fabi, I love you. If I come and see you online I tell you, if I don’t tell you tomorrow», Claudia Repetto said in a message of almost 40 seconds long, message that has already been incorporated into the cause that carries out the prosecutor Fernando Castro.La line 144, option to leave hell 
And although the pandemic stops the world, situations of gender-based violence continue and, in many cases, during this mandatory quarantine they deepen. Women who live with their abusers today must spend 24 hours a day in that situation without the possibility of daily respite. It should be noted that line 144 operates normally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There, specialists care for and accompany people who are in a situation of gender-based violence in a personal and anonymous way. From this line they recommend communicating at some point of loneliness or when they are isolated from their partner and his hijects, since making the call in his presence can be dangerous.  

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