translated from Spanish: UDI sent his office to sub-database to rule on Bermudez’s opinion on mayors in morning

The seat of UDI members sent a trade to the subcontract dorothy Pérez, in which she asked her to rule on the report issued by the comptroller Jorge Bermúdez, in which she questions the participation of mayors in television programs during working hours.
Bermudez’s opinion has received criticism from both officialism and the opposition. In that vein, the head of bench of UDI members, María José Hoffmann, said that «it is clear that the office of Bermudez comes with a first and last name. There is no artificial limitation to the role of mayors’ information.»
According to information from El Mercurio, the UDI further noted that the comptroller «exceeds its sphere of competence» by alluding to possible electoral returns, since «political campaigns have not been initiated, so that it described an act of public appearance in a is inappropriate and distorts the act.» 
They also warn that «the authority responsible for monitoring the proper functioning of political campaigns is the Electoral Service.» In this context, they ask sub-railway Pérez to «rule on the powers conferred on her by the legal system (to the comptroller) to rule on political campaigns».
But despite Bermudez’s opinion, The mayor of Providence, Evelyn Matthei, like Independence’s Gonzalo Durán, noted that they will not abide by the comptroller’s appeal. «Deep down, the comptroller doesn’t like Lavín doing so well in the polls,» Matthei said in reference to the mayor of Las Condes, who is a stable panelist for the Channel 13 morning.
The community chief said the comptroller «has no power to say that. Where is the right to free speech?
However, minutes later, it was Contralorito who responded to Matthei via Twitter: «Our legal system is clear: we have powers of legal control and more, over municipalities, includes mayors. Some people don’t like control, but we’ll continue to play our role.» 
«Sad that a person calls to contempt of institutionality,» he added later.

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