translated from Spanish: Valparaiso Medical College asks authorities for greater efforts in covid-19 testing number in the region

A new call to the regional authorities made today the helmsman of the Medical College of Valparaiso, Luis Ignacio de la Torre, this time in relation to continue working together to increase the number of Covid-19 tests that are carried out in the region in the face of the increase progressive cases that to date add up to 63 infected cases, with eight new cases.
De la Torre pointed out that given the speed with which the new cases are being recorded it is of the utmost urgency to expand the diagnostic capacity, which presents a maximum of 440 cases per day: more than 270 tests at the Carlos Van Buren hospital in Valparaiso , 120 tests at the San Camilo hospital in San Felipe, the two public health establishments in the region that are operational with the analysis, together with the effort of the University of Valparaiso with a current capacity of 60 exams but that should be able to reach 240 analysis by day.
«We know that Quilpué hospital will soon be part of these diagnostic care facilities, but it has not yet started its functions,» he said.
He also stated that «as the Medical College of Valparaiso, it is very important to know the number of PCR tests that are being done every day and to collaborate to expand this capacity, because we have been able to learn from the countries that successfully navigated this pandemic, that the combination of social isolation plus greater testing of the population is the most effective way to decrease the contagion and spread of the disease.»
«We also reiterate our call on the authorities to take extreme public and private work measures collaboratively to increase our testing capacity. We know that significant efforts have been made in this area and we understand that this is the way forward in responding to this crisis,» he added.

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