translated from Spanish: Red Cross Juventins call for prevention of Covid-19

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.-For two weeks now the Mexican Red Cross Juventinos, Los Mochis delegation, have been focused on raising awareness of basic protective measures to prevent contagion and the spread of Covid-19.In this Ramón Francisco Ledesma Cota, coordinator of the youth area of the benemérita institution pointed out that volunteers, from the age of 8 to 18, do not come to the Red Cross facilities for epidemiological contingency.
However, he reported that from their homes they are promoting the protection of health and life.” They do not come to the facilities for protection, they are in their homes complying with preventive measures, most are minors and move by public transport. But from their homes they find themselves raising awareness of their own families and neighbors, so that they are informed and aware of the pandemic that we are living.” He emphasized that children, adolescents and young people train the population through informative videos on proper hand washing, the importance of healthy distance, the use of antibacterial gel, and the cleaning and disinfection of objects and surfaces.” They are volunteers dedicated to selflessly enhancing humanitarian action, solidarity. They have been recording some videos with preventive information and share them on their social networks and on the Red Cross page.” It should be noted that the youth area of the Red Cross, Los Mochis delegation, is made up of about 100 volunteers.

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