translated from Spanish: The Government enabled the application and issuance of the virtual ID during isolation

The Ministry of the Interior of the Nation enabled, for the duration of social, preventive and compulsory isolation; the solucitude and issuance of national Identity and Passport Documents, for Argentines and foreigners, under the terms of Law No. 17.671.
This virtual credential, as reported in the Official Gazette, will be valid for up to thirty days after the end date of the social isolation period and consists of an exact replica of the identification data of the National Identity Document in card format. In turn, it may be requested by citizens of legal age who prove an urgent and impossible situation or Force Majeure in the following cases: Loss, subtraction or illegibility of a National Identity Document card already issued;
A new National Identity Card previously processed, in person by the citizen, and not received by the citizen.
To request it, you must send an email to with the full first and last name, the National Identity Document number and the reason for the urgency. You will then receive a response through the same channel informing you of the admission or denial of your request and if so, the email will contain an activation code and an instruction for downloading the virtual credential. In this note:

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