translated from Spanish: AMLO and Quirino in private

The President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel yesterday had a private breakfast in a hotel in Culiacán. The one-hour encounter sends a strong sign of closeness and friendship. On Saturday, Quirino Ordaz received the national representative at the airport and accompanied him to the hotel. In addition, throughout the tour they were together and on the journeys they took the most of the works and earrings in Sinaloa.We are told that President López Obrador leaves happy with the road work of Badiraguato and that he spoke with the governor about supporting the corn producers. There was also a tachyza organized by Mayor Lorena Pérez.The message of the tour of the President of the Republic in Sinaloa is clear, there is a remarkable attention to Quirino Ordaz, much communication and, arguably, that it is of the nearest governors. Attention, because something similar happened in Baja California with Jaime Bonilla.Plebiscito. In the election of trustees in the municipality of Navolato, the PRI wins Villa Juárez, San Pedro, El Tigre and Bachimeto. While Morena-PT achieves triumph in Altata and Sataya. For its part, the PAS takes La Palma.Con Navolato is the second municipality ruled by Morena-PT, which loses the plebiscite of trustees; last week in Culiacan the match lost all 17 syndicatures. For many it is a message towards 2021. In time. For the PRI it represents a great recovery in Navolato, because it achieved victory in the largest and most important syndicatures, such as Villa Juárez and San Pedro. The other key is La Palma, which takes the PAS. So very attentive, because a week ago the PRI celebrated the triumph of 13 syndicatures in Culiacán and the PAS of six, the PRD and PAN said they won one. The truth is that the final balance, as they say in terms of baseball, was a «bleached» to Morena.So very attentive, because the election to trustees in the municipalities is a thermometer for the choice to the mayor’s day. Although it is not allowed to wear party logos, it is clear that each color has its candidate and is supported. Surveys. Very closed competition for the governoranatura in the northern part of the state. In Ahome he tops the preferences Jesús Vizcarra Calderón, with 18 percent; followed by Hector Melesio Cuen, with 17 percent, and Mario Zamora, with 12 percent. This was revealed by the Statu Quo Advance survey, which also performs the popularity measurement in Guasave, and the preference for Jesús Vizcarra, which registers 32 percent of preferences, is strong. Earrings to the central and south areas. Sinaloa. Senator Mario Zamora Gastélum criminally sued super-defeated Jaime Montes Salas for breaching official measures for the mitigation and control of health risks by COVID-19. This is for illegally and irresponsibly gathering hundreds of older adults last Wednesday, March 25 at the Costa Rican syndicature in Culiacan. Let us remember that there is evidence that they were given massive economic support. In the media, the irresponsibility of federal authorities for handing over a vulnerable population in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic was denounced. There was a lot of citizen annoyance. Those responsible for giving this support to older adults made a very serious mistake, took advantage of the need of these people and put them at risk. Let’s hope there are no major consequences or contagion. Mario Zamora said he hopes the lawsuit will serve, not only so that they do not repeat this recklessness, but so that it does not happen again anywhere else in the country. Political memory. «All governments die from exaggerating their principle»: Aristotle.

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