translated from Spanish: Barricades and clashes were recorded between protesters and Carabineros for Young Combatant’s Day

Clashes between protesters and Carabineros were recorded at different points in the city of Santiago on Sunday night, the date on which young combatant day was commemorated.
As a result, Transantiago informed via Twitter the suspension of its services at 20:12.
In Central Station, a group of about 50 hooded people attacked a Carabineros mobile phone. The event occurred specifically in Villa Francia, where the uniforms performed a procedure after the burning of a Transantiago bus, Biobío reported.
At the scene «shot and shot at a corporal first, with projectile entry and exit in his right leg, being transferred by emergency ambulance to Carabineros Hospital.»
Moreover, in the sector of Avenida las Parcelas on October 5, the uniformed institution reported that «hooded shots fired steel balinese against carabinieri, hitting the windshield of the car and causing injuries and eye trauma to a sergeant second.»
In other communes of the Metropolitan Region, such as Peñalolén, La Florida and Puente Alto, streets were blocked with barricades and clashes were recorded in Carabineros and protesters.

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