translated from Spanish: Biby Gaytan worries his fans about looking very thin in Little Giants

Biby Gaytán, the most beloved actress and driver in all of Mexico, sparked a lot of concern on the part of her social media followers after appearing in one of the little Giant chapters sporting “very thin”. The supposed strange physical change caused his followers to question whether he was quite well, for she looks thinner than ever and several of these have come to think of the worst.

It was in the comments section of the photographs that Biby appears, that her followers began to notice that she looks thinner than normal, remembering that she has always managed to maintain an incredible physique and an unparalleled untouched beauty. Too thin Bibi Gaitán”, “But what happened to Bibi Gaytán, anorexia”, “Biby delgadisima being thin is fine but not too well”, reads among the comments of the post.
However, and leaving aside all these comments, the wife of actor Eduardo Capetillo, looked spectacular during the television-broadcast episode of Little Giants, wearing a very jovial attire and a look to the latest fashion cry.
The host of the morning show Today stole all the looks from wearing a very fashionable outfit in vibrant colors that generated hundreds of compliments on social media.

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