translated from Spanish: Call Conapred to avoid discrimination against medical personnel who attend Covid-19

CDMX.- The National Council for Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred) called on Mexican citizens to avoid discriminatory acts against medical and nursing personnel who lead the country’s response in the contingency of Coronavirus Covid-19.This is due to acts of violence against the integrity of medical personnel because of unfounded suspicions about their health, he said in Conapred in communiqué.

The statement stated that the Ministry of Health has a protocol for workers in the sector. He stressed that it is of vital importance at the moment, and always, the work of medical and nursing staff, as well as hospital and health school cleaning staff.
All the staff in charge of detecting, caring for and caring for the population have the training and hygiene measures necessary to prevent contagion and deserve all the support, respect, solidarity and thanks of the citizens.

It’s read in the statement.

We call on citizens not to stigmatize, or to take discriminatory and violent actions against medical and nursing personnel who treat COVID-19 cases. — conapred (@CONAPRED)
March 30, 2020

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