translated from Spanish: Chile’s Deputies Vamos call on government to set commodity prices

National Renewal Parliamentarians and the UDI raised their concern about rising prices in basic food products amid the health crisis hitting the country. They therefore called on the Government to consider pricing to curb tariff speculation.
«When the world and the country are going through a crisis as important as the one we are experiencing we cannot allow the prices of basic food to be speculated, we have already seen what is happening in Italy, one of the places most tricude by Covid -19 where the health crisis turned into a social crisis and people are looting to eat because they don’t have the money to pay for food, here we must anticipate and set prices is an appropriate measure,» said UDI MP Jorge Alessandri.
Under the state of catastrophe, the State is empowered to fix prices and this is regulated in the Political Constitution and Constitutional Organic Law No. 18.415 of constitutional states.
For RN MeP Francesca Muñoz, «We are going through a serious health crisis and it is worrying that essential products will have a price increase, especially when we see that many people will be out of jobs or will see their we therefore ask our Government to take the necessary measures to set the prices of the necessities, such as bread, sugar, noodles, rice, etc.».
The Ministry of the Economy sent a view to the food industry, advising it not to raise the prices of the most in need of products. However in recent hours we learned that supermarkets announced that they should freeze their prices, which opened a dispute with suppliers who indicate that they are not in a position to keep the values, the same with bread, which will also have an increase.

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