translated from Spanish: Filo,world The epidemic of fake news

The coVID-19 advance alerts the whole world. More than 166 countries are being discussed among measures to prevent and well-be be with their people. And like any pandemic, it happens that society is alert to all kinds of information and with it, «fake news» appears.

Filo.mundo premieres a new episode with Oriane Fléchaire or will help you identify them and to keep an eye on and attentive to the unauthorized data circulating on social media.» The fake news about COVID-19 is no different from any other fake news,» clarifies the Argentine-based French journalist, who specifies that they disguise the property as journalistic and scientific information and are disseminated on WhatsApp and social networks.

This phenomenon was called Infodemia – that is, the epidemic of false information – whose data stand out for being attractive, novel and impactful. «Dividing and mistaking the authorities’ decisions to combat the pandemic; they trigger stress and anguish, and they instill panic,» Says Fléchaire.

Filo,world The epidemic of fake news

To prevent this from happening, the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) or government authorities should be followed. «After all, what is at stake are human lives,» she says. In this note:

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