translated from Spanish: Health plans in the Valparaiso Region

Construction of new hospitals, Cesfam and High Resolution Services (SAR), as well as million-dollar investments in equipment in the various care centers in the area, is the reality that currently lives in the Valparaiso Region, where health advances to firm step. One of the Health Services where there has been an unprecedented situation at the national level is in Viña del Mar-Quillota, where three high-complexity hospital projects are being worked on: Gustavo Fricke Hospital, Quillota-Petorca Biprovincial and Marga Marga Hospital.As for the advancement of the first venue, the director(s) of the SSVQ, Alfredo Molina, commented that “the work teams are oriented to the progressive opening of the new Gustavo Fricke Hospital, which will start with floors 6 and 7, as well as the Unit of Imaging, within the framework of the national health contingency. To facilitate this process, a walkway is built for the transfer of hospitalized patients from the current premises to the new; there is oxygen installation and recruitment of clinical staff, and there will also be conducting drills from April for entry, flow and patient care.” In relation to the works of the Quillota-Petorca Biprovincial Hospital, whose total budget exceeds $140 billion, the authority stated that it “advances according to the schedule, with a real physical advance of 76.45%. This investment is oriented to the attention of high complexity of the inhabitants of the provinces of Quillota and Petorca, with more than 400 thousand inhabitants projected”. With regard to the project of the Marga Marga Hospital, which at the beginning of the year was delayed in its works, Alfredo Molina explained that “together with the Ministry of Health and this service have held a series of meetings with the contracting company to expedite the delivery of the last stage of the design of this large hospital project, to start later the schedule of execution of works, which considers the delivery of the land to the company and the beginning of the work itself”. OTHER WORKSIn other cities in the region the picture is also auspicious, because in Valparaiso the respective health service received a few weeks ago the Juan Pablo II Family Health Community Center, In Rodelillo, which will serve a population that it exceeds 4,000 people, while in Algarrobo at the beginning of the year the new Cesfam was delivered which will live benefit 15,000 neighbors. Meanwhile, in San Felipe, at the Hospital San Camilo, work is carried out on the works that will house the first magnetic nuclear resonator of the Aconcagua Valley and in Quillota. The construction of the SAR or High Resolution Service that has a 22.3% advance and that will improve the emergency care of this commune is in the middle of the work.” The implementation of the Cesfam and SAR of Belloto Sur, in the commune of Quilpué, which leads to a 3.5% advance, has also begun. A great health center unprecedented for this town that experiences a great population growth. We hope during this year to restart the construction of the Cesfam de Puchuncaví and start executing the long-awaited Cesfam for Quintero together with the SAR Eduardo Frei, from Villa Alemana, and Artificio, of La Calera”, pointed out the director(s) of SSVQ.

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