translated from Spanish: «I Pay, You Pay» campaign seeks to keep the job and avoid bankruptcy

«I pay, you pay is the name of the campaign promoted by the company Remesa and to which other companies have already joined, which seek not to cut the payment chain nationally and thus avoid the deepening of the economic crisis and mainly maintain employment.
«I subscribe, You pay», «If I break, you bankrupt», are some of the claims that are being made in this campaign that started in Social Networks and today is hosted on the website, where interested parties can join, registering with their name, email and sending their logo to add followers.
«It’s a campaign that seeks to avoid cutting the payment chain nationwide. If we cut the chain of payments, many companies will not have the necessary liquidity and will fail during these crisis months, also leading to an unprecedented increase in unemployment. We must keep up, with subscriptions and postponements, but for no reason stop paying, that would be harmful to the economy and for the workers», explains Alberto Gerszencvich, general manager and founder of remesa.
The campaign has a strong viralization on social media, delivering messages on a daily basis and calling for people and businesses to keep paying.
In this way, it is also hoped that workers will no longer receive their wages, that smaller companies continue to have cash flow, and thus can continue to function, despite the great economic crisis driven by Coronavirus.
«We are in a period of survival, in which people will postpone their payments, so that we can spend only what is necessary on food and basic expenses, to avoid falling into a deeper crisis. This also runs for companies, which are asked to pay or postpone, but not stop paying, so that we can then recover and get ahead after this stalemate,» says Gerszencvich.
The campaign has its own simile in Argentina, where a call is also being made to join, so as not to cut the payment chain.

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