translated from Spanish: No more femicide and gender-based violence: they call for a «national ruidazo»

By Claudia Repetto, Cristinna Iglesias and Ada, Susana Melo, Lorena Fabiola Barreto, Solange, Ana, for them, for all and so that not a few less is missing. In Argentina every less than 30 hours a woman dies at the hands of a violent male, who in most cases is a couple or ex-partner. According to the collective Mujeres de la Matria Latinoamericana (MuMalá), twelve femicides (the names that appear at the beginning of this note) were recorded in terms of the mandatory quarantine provided by President Alberto Fernández, isolation that in the last hours extended until Monday, April 13.

Avoiding the circulation of people will prevent the number of contagions from decreasing, but what about femicides? Quarantine forces many women to stay in their homes with whom in many cases it is their aggressor. The same is true for cases of sexual abuse in women and children. In view of this, in order to raise awareness and speak out against gender-based violence, a ruidazo was called for this Monday, March 30 from 6 p.m. from balconies, windows and terraces throughout the country. «That the lockdown doesn’t silence us, we refuse to swallow the joke,» «Machismo is not quarantined», were some of the most resonant phrases on social media.

Source: Twitter @MuMaLaNacional

«So many children that they are suffering from cohabitation are their abusers and women, trans and transvestites that are threatened by their partners or former partners to whom confinement generates the conditions to frighten, violent, torture and even murder,» detailed the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion.The claim is also to demand that prevention and containment measures be strengthened for victims of gender-based violence. MuMalá called for facilitated complaints and protective measures, and to provide an economic subsidy to victims of vulnerable gender-based violence and to relatives of victims.

Marching for the 8M Photo: Filo.News

For its part, the Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity of the Nation reinforced the attention of the toll-free line 144 and added the mail and two numbers to communicate via WhatsApp (+54 11 2771-6463/ +54 11 2775 9047/48), and one application. In this note:

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