translated from Spanish: Podcast: the excuse for enjoying wine in quarantine time

In these days of confinement there are few alternatives besides television, the computer, the phone to get informed, connected to work and communicated with friends and family.
But the trend of podcasts is also growing, an audio world with all kinds of content that can help to set aside, at least for a while, the screen.
Some journalists that are fans of this format will comment on their favorite podcasts, which are perfect to enjoy with a wine suitable for the different topics.
For play radio host Verónica Calabi, her favorites include Las Raras, a Chilean podcast that through its chapters explores contingent themes to feminism, as well as nonfiction stories with sensitive stories and great characters.
Las Raras was one of six projects chosen by Google to be part of a program executed by PRX, one of the largest distributors of this format in the world. To accompany this podcast is recommended Carmen Gran Reserva Frida Kahlo Carmenere, a limited edition wine that produced the Chilean vineyard with Frida Kahlo Corporation, a historical reference that thanks to its influence has managed to transform the traditional into something new over time, constantly exceeding the established.
Luis Gajardo, the editor of Pousta digital magazine, recommends Joe Rogan Experience’s podcast from the American comedian, actor, sports commentator, martial artist and television presenter. This is one of the most popular podcasts in the United States with informative and relaxed content at the same time.
Rogan’s podcast frequently welcomes famous guests such as entrepreneurs, comedians, musicians and authors and can be accompanied by Vintages Blend, a wine that rescues a careful selection of different Cabernet Sauvignon harvests from the Maipo Valley.
«With the help of my amikas», one of the most listened podcasts in Chile, is chosen by the creator of the blog Zancada, Paty Leiva. There the duo composed by María José Castro and Valeria Luna talk about daily life, RR. Ss. and life experiences, with humor and wit.
The themes range from the instagram stories of the show, some pop topicality to an unexpected beauty fact. The feeling of being in a meeting with friends mixes perfect with the innovative foaming Amaranta Brut in can format to listen and laugh with the Amikas.
In addition, the New York Times, in its article on 6 Podcasts to feed your inner glutton, recommends The Taste of the Past. Here the culinary historian Linda Pelaccio explores the history of food through different eras, from ancient Mesopotamia to what a banquet would really be like at the time of the Downton Abbey series. With interesting guests he seeks to explore the food links between the present and the past.
This podcast can be accompanied by Carmen DO Semillón, a wine that is born as a tribute to the union between wineries and producers who have dedicated their lives to magical vineyards; a wine where heritage value, geographical identity, innovation, quality and Corporate Social Responsibility stand out.

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