translated from Spanish: “Red Barbijo” against gender-based violence

Mandatory preventive social isolation was extended until after Easter and we will be quarantined for at least 12 more days. In the meantime there will be and there will be – until the confinement lasts – thousands of women locked up with their violent partners. From line 144 they offer accompaniment and help in these cases, with or without pandemic. However, even this tool does not seem to be enough. Thus, from April 1st victims can communicate in another way: requesting a “red beard” from pharmacies. It is a “coded” request that will be used for local staff to manage communication with the helpline to women suffering from gender-based violence. The system implemented by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity and the Argentine Pharmaceutical Confederation (COFA) will operate both in person and by telephone, the national body reported. When applying for a red barbijo, pharmacy staff will understand that this is a situation of gender-based violence and will manage a communication with Line 144, the only federal device for comprehensive advice and assistance in these situations in these situations in across the country, serving 24 hours a day. The pharmaceutical staff will respond that they do not yet have the product and will request some details such as first name, surname, telephone number, address, date and type of order – if personal or for someone else – under the pretext of bringing it closer as soon as it is available. In the event that the order is personal, you can also take note of the contact details of a person in your circle of trust. Once the data is registered, from the pharmacy they will contact Line 144 in order to publicize the information of the person in situation of violence and will be provided with advice in case it is re-presented at the pharmacy. If the person arrives at a pharmacy with visible physical or psychological signs, staff will contact Line 144 for advice, mentioning that this is a “red beard” request, so that operators can quickly identify what the situation to be addressed and then contacted by those in violence.

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