translated from Spanish: AFIP extends new terms for the issuance of credit and debit notes until May

Through general resolution 4688/2020, published in the Official Gazette, the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) postponed again and until May 1 next the entry into force of the new conditions to be met by those who issue credit and debit notes, as provided for by the various billing regimes in force implemented.

The entity noted that in the face of the health emergency declared by the national government, the representative business chambers from different sectors expressed to the agency inconvenience in the development of the adaptations in its computer systems, required for the implementation of the provisions to be effective next April 1. The regulations determined that only the subjects who issued the receipts for the originating transactions may issue the credit and debit notes for discounts, bonuses, removes, refunds, terminations, interest, provided that they are related to one or more invoices or equivalent documents issued previously.

After the discounts and bonuses are agreed and determinable at the time of issuance of an invoice or equivalent document, and these are directly related to that receipt, those concepts must be applied in the original document supporting the transaction. The current one is the third postponement of what was made by general resolution 4540/2019 in July last year, when it determined as the start date of 1 October last, which later became 1 February 2020, and then 1 April of this year.

In addition, it provided that the credit and debit notes must comply with the requirements and formalities required, for the receipts issued by the originating transactions. In this note:

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