translated from Spanish: ANFP announces suspension of Young and Women’s League football until August

As a measure to prevent covid-19 contagion, and to address the health emergency, the ANFP announced the suspension until August of Young Football and the Women’s League.
By a statement the agency thus confirmed that «after meetings of the Board and the executive body of the National Professional Football Association with the associated clubs, it was decided to suspend the Youth Football and Women’s League competitions, and consider the return of both for next August.»
«The DEVELOPMENT Management of the ANFP will immediately focus on the design of a new calendaration and possible tournament formats, taking into account the special circumstances facing our country and the characteristics of Young Football and the Women’s League», added the ANFP.
The statement further announced that professional football leagues are not included in the suspension, as these «will be rescheduled to the extent that the country’s health situation permits (…) In the coming hours a multidisciplinary commission dedicated to developing a plan that considers all the variables for the proper return of professional football will begin to work.»
The measure according to the ANFP, was implemented as «its top priority is the health and well-being of players, players, fans and all the people working around this activity».

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