translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: Sony delays Ghostbusters, Morbius and Uncharted premieres

In an unprecedented move for the industry, Sony announced today that it is delaying all of its big releases for next year by the pandemic, in view of what is often the highest season of family cinema in the United States. The studio was one of the first to move the dates of some of its major productions for later this year, once the summer boreal (our winter) was over. With cinemas closed throughout the United States, even before official mandatory quarantine measures were taken, and the country-wide pandemic already counts more than 175,000 infected with the COVID-19 virus. Meanwhile, the film industry feels the consequences and losses could outweigh all predictions. Sony’s postponements are now in addition to an ever-increasing list of delays around the world.

The grandchildren of the original Ghostbusters will have to wait

Among the canceled releases is the ghostbusters sequel directed by Jason Reitman, son of the director of the original films in the 1980s. «Ghostbusters: Afterlife» was scheduled to premiere July 10 in the United States, but will now move its date to March 5, 2021. Meanwhile, the comtourizing adaptation of Morbius, intended to consolidate the universe Sony has been creating for Spider-Man, went from July 31 this year to March 19 next year. Another that has already been suffering several delays and will again have to be postponed is the adaptation of the video game Uncharted, with Tom Holland as the protagonist. Scheduled for March 5, 2021, it was moved to October 8 to leave its release date to Ghostbusters. In addition, one of the first releases this year to be postponed until August by the coronavirus pandemic, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, was rescheduled for January 15, 2021.

The Morbius of Jared Leto, to mandatory quarantine

Some productions are even running out of a certain release date, such as Sony’s Marvel film planned for October 2021, and the World War II drama «Greyhound» with Tom Hanks, who was one of the first celebrities in confirm that he had coronavirus. The release of the war film was to be in June of this year, but was now postponed indefinitely. At this time, it only holds its release date for 2020 the drama Fatherhood, with Kevin Hart, which was postponed for October 23. When the coronavirus began to spread and arrived in North America, forcing the cancellation of premieres and productions of the major studios, many expected the contagion curve to be flattened for the summer season and could resume their activities Normally. But with the negligent delay in public policy-stopping the pandemic, the country’s situation is one of the worst in the world and forecasts augur sustained growth in the amount of contagion for the coming months. In this note:

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