translated from Spanish: On Friday, banks will reopen for the payment of retirements and allowances

On Monday, the Banking Association confirmed that banks will open their doors from Friday to pay for retirements, pensions and social benefits. Banking reported in a statement the highlights of the agreement, which seeks to preserve the health of the beneficiaries and employees who will carry out the tasks at the window.
The Government’s goal is to prevent long lines from forming in banks when withdrawing the money charged for the extraordinary bonus for retirees and pensioners, as seen last week. This Friday is scheduled to pay the AUH, which would, in principle, be 2,400,000 people in one day. This payment will be made in 3 days: Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Most holders of this benefit have debit cards so they do not need to do it at the checkout, they pointed out from Banking.But in addition, the payment of the day Monday will be available at ATM from Saturday at noon so they can withdraw it prior to Monday, they detailed. The banks clarified that only persons with the security distances provided for in the health resolution may be within the premises, the rest must line up outside the bank.
The bankers’ union called on national and provincial authorities to attend public security forces from the entrance to the exit of local workers, as well as the provision of hygiene elements such as soap, beards and alcohol in gel. Finally, banks and the Government will run a strong campaign for debit card recipients to use it instead of going to the bank and prioritize cashing out the window for those beneficiaries who don’t have their debit card to go to the cashier Automatic. The number of branches that will open on Friday will be determined by each bank.

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