translated from Spanish: ‘Other’ measures for nonviolence quarantine in Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Jalisco. – Health authorities have made a number of recommendations to the global health emergency due to Covid-19, however, a very important issue as gender-based violence has run out of contingency measures.

In an interview with this medium, The Doctor, Guadalupe Ramos Ponce, researcher and coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights in Mexico (CLADEM), mentioned that before the crisis situation or a picture like the one presented in where we are asked to keep distance at home, situations of gender-based violence may increase.» One of the places where the greatest number of violence occurs, the place that could be considered safer, the family space, turns out and that is also proven to be more dangerous for many women,» Ramos Ponce added.
The doctor mentioned that it is fully understandable and according to the situation that these measures arise prevention, however, it is worrying that in the face of this initiative no gender-specific actions and a specific alternative contingency plan for women are proposed. Different feminist groups were manifested in the face of the situation on social networks, providing some recommendations to carry out isolation without violence and in a healthy way in all aspects.

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Jalisco Equality Secretariat @felapelayo already has the protocol for the care of women living in violence in situations of disasters and contingencies? Well, if you don’t give them time, they can copy paste from Puerto Rico, Guatemala, from… — lupitaramosponce (@lupitaramosponc)
March 19, 2020

Against this background, the researcher Ramos Ponce, also mentioned points that could be attended, specifically highlighted in the case of Nuevo León, where they installed a system that provides personalized attention to the women who can pass in the face of this situation.» Back in Nuevo León they offered a Prosecutor’s Office, where a special video call program was established for complaint, i.e. a woman who lives violence can make the complaint by video call and is attended by a Public Prosecutor’s Office […] He’s a justice operator or a justice operator who will advise him or take the complaint,» Cladem Jalisco’s coordinator said.

We accompany you to provide emotional retenment during temporary isolation by the #coronavirus at: 08:00 to 14:00 hours:
• 3327421076
• 3327425044
From 14:00 to 20:00 hours:
• 3327466753
• 3327472909 — Sría. Substantive Equality between Women and Men (@IgualdadJalisco)
March 31, 2020

In actions for a contingency free of violence, the municipality of Tlaquepaque implemented the program «For a Confinement Without Violence» with the aim of providing support and accompaniment to women, the municipal government reported. Director of the Institute of Women and Substantive Equality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Cecilia Elizabeth Alvarez Briones, who, faced with the picture never before seen, was working for isolation free of violence, according to dependence.

Recourse to #TiempoFuera is always an option. If you’re a man and you identify that you’re feeling emotions like anger, anger, anxiety or frustration, let’s talk. — Sría. Substantive Equality between Women and Men (@IgualdadJalisco)
March 31, 2020

«We are aware that, in this situation, the impact is differentiated on women, so we have a gender approach and we take into account the mitigation of gender-based violence that will multiply due to the circumstances of the pandemic,» according to Alvarez Briones.Alvarez Briones, assured that living in this situation can intensify violent behaviors and domestic attitudes that put women in a more vulnerable position and inequalities. She emphasized that in these lines they offer emotional contention, active listening, crisis attention, counseling and psychological care, as well as legal assistance, so that it is channeled or managed to generate this tenure to women, through the IVI, services hopes that during this crisis the demand for violence care will increase.

Temporary isolation by #coronavirus can increase the risk of home-in-home aggression.
In case of violence, remember that you are not alone. — Sría. Substantive Equality between Women and Men (@IgualdadJalisco)
March 30, 2020

The head of the institution noted that 10 cases have been dealt with so far, mainly due to emotional crises and of which they have been channeled and oriented. The program is attended by specialists through telephone lines 3322019985, 3311543207, 3322478151, 3116923254 in care for women.

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