translated from Spanish: They extended the deadline to register to collect the 10,000 pesos

Anses reported that those interested in pre-registration to collect The Emergency Family Income (IFE) and who were unable to access on the dates indicated, can do so from 00 hours on April 1st to 23:59 on April 3.” After this pre-registration is completed, ANSES will carry out a rapid survey of the information received from applicants and subsequently request a whole series of supplementary data from applicants, such as their account numbers banking,” detailed the body that runs Alejandro Vanoli.” The IFE will be paid only once in April, although it may be extended if necessary,” they warned from the Government.

As of Monday, more than 8.1 million people had pre-registered to be able to collect the $10,000, a number that far exceeds what is expected by the government. The IFE will be granted to persons who are unemployed, work informally, are mono-owners of categories “A” and “B” or, also, private house workers, as well as all AUH beneficiaries, who will receive this aid through their Cbu. Requirements
Be a native or naturalized Argentine and resident, with a legal residence in the country not less than two years.
Be between 18 and 65 years of age.
Likewise, anyone who meets these conditions will only be able to access the IFE provided that he or a member of his household does not receive income from a job in relation to public or private dependence; B – to be monotributist of category “C” or higher or of the regime of self-employed persons; C – of an unemployment benefit;D – for national, provincial, municipal or buenos Aires retirement, pensions or non-contributory or contributory pensions (CABA). E – of social plans, complementary social salary, We make Future, Enhancing Work or other national, provincial or municipal social programs, with the exception of those of the AUH or Embarazo.Who will charge the IFE
1. Informal workers, unregistered, who have no income other than the perception of Universal Child Assignment (AUH). The Permanent Household Survey of the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) estimates that in Argentina the proportion of black employees is 34% of workers in dependency; 2.2 million people who do not have contributions to the pension and retirement system.2 Single monotributist, who has no other declared income, such as a blank employee, pensioner, retiree or self-employed worker, or registered private home worker, enrolled in AFIP in categories “A”, up to $208,339.25 and “B” $313,108.87, income accumulated in the past 12 months, a monthly average of $17,361.60 in the first case; and $26,092.40 in the second. AFIP has registered some 3.2 million workers in this capacity, but the Ministry of Labour identified that the amount that does not depend on another income is reduced to almost 1.6 million.3. Social Monotributist; the latest data from the Ministry of Labour is 366,000 workers in that condition.4. Beneficiaries as the only monetary resource of the Progress Plan, currently about 530,000 students receiving less than $6,000 per month.

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