translated from Spanish: Vale Roth revealed a situation of violence that she lived in a bar two years ago: «They grabbed me from behind and took the shit out of me.»

Former gymnast Vale Roth was the guest of the third chapter of «Lunching with the Rubio» space of Martín Cárcamo that is broadcast on Instagram.Roth commented on various topics of her life, but what caught the attention was a situation of violence that lived two years in a bar. The former 7th Street girl commented that «there were like five shows in the show. I got caught doing anything. Maybe they were mean to me, maybe people. They leaked pictures of me. I got brigids left. Women were not like today, which I manage a lot, feminism, that I am a brigida feminist, but now there is much more support with women. But not first.» They were attacking me, yelling at me in the street. When I was reeling, beer glasses were thrown in my face… I’ve had my crest removed. Two years ago, I got beat up in a bar. They left me ECT closed, out of nowhere…» Confessed. The animator asked him why the beating had occurred to which Vale Roth replied «because yes. I was sitting like this, and they grabbed me from behind and took the shit out of me. Oh, shit. Kicks on the ground. I got kicked here (shows his head). I’m already bald. I couldn’t touch my head. But good.» Being with the family is very important, with your surroundings. Having family support is super important, because your family is the family that touched you. You cachai that friends choose them. You don’t pick the family and you’re going to be here all your life. So, people, get ready with your family,» he said.

Original source in Spanish

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