translated from Spanish: Virtual Police Station to undergo changes: limit safe conduct per person and release new permit to help older adults

The Virtual Police Platform will undergo changes, which were announced on Tuesday by the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell.
Among the main modifications is the limit of movement permits that people living in one of the communes will have in total quarantine. This system is in «implementation process», as the newspaper La Segunda said, and that is why to date it has been possible to request permits or safe conduct without limits.
«The call remains the same, stay in their homes unless it is a very justified reason,» Martorell said.
These changes should be reflected «no later than this week.»
With this new system, a RUT will have the right to take out two safe conducts a week to go to the supermarket and pharmacy. Today it’s unlimited.
In addition, Martorell explained, «a new permit will be put in place for those who need to go to leave food to adults over 65.»
«The person will have to put in the safe conduct who he will visit for such purposes and the direction thereof,» the authority who detailed that up to two weekly safe conducts by RUT will be delivered.
Permission for the pet ride and the permission to move to a health service will not change.

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