translated from Spanish: Coronavirus in Argentina: three women died and already 27 fatalities

There are already 26 fatalities in Argentina from coronavirus (Covid-19). In the early morning, a lady who was infected in Chaco province died, where five of them are already deceased. Hours later, the death of a doctor in La Rioja, the first lethal case in La Rioja, was confirmed. Ana María Tonzar, 63, who was admitted several days ago to the Sanatorio Guemes hospital in the city of Resistencia, had made contact with the doctor who together with her daughter were the first positive cases in the province, after returning from a journey through Spain.
The deceased woman was outpatient treatment for pneumonia and was assisted by an artificial respirator. According to the latest diagnoses, the virus was «being removed» from the patient’s body, but the death came from the damage it had already caused to the body. On the other hand, there was a new fatal case of a woman who died in La Rioja. This is pediatric physician Liliana Ruiz, 52, who lost her life in the early hours of Tuesday at the private clinic Mercado Luna, according to the Ministry of Health of that province. She was «interned in intensive care with ventilatory mechanical assistance for severe respiratory failure with a confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus,» the official report details. In this note:

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