translated from Spanish: Culiacan burials do not respect measures against coronavirus

Sinaloa.- No prevention protocol is being implemented in some public cemeteries to prevent COVID-19 contagion. People continue to come in large groups to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones. Of one hundred people attending, only two or three use head coverings, explained the manager of the Pantheon March 21, Juan Carlos Molina. The municipal employee acknowledged that prevention measures are very difficult to implement in these spaces, because people are going through very difficult times.

When they get their attention, they might have problems, because they are people in a very sensitive state, and they prefer not to. Measures 
In cemeteries what workers do is keep as much distance as possible. Many people are not allowed in the manager’s office, plus the staff most of the time is outside. They claim that they would have time to protect themselves in case they were to bury a body deceased by coronavirus because they see the death letter at the time they will ask permission to carry out the burial. Until yesterday, no coronavirus has been received. In this cemetery, every day they make burials, and those who have the most contact with the people are the masons. They find it very difficult to protect themselves with head covers because they carry out excavations, are in contact with a lot of dust and are exposed to high temperatures. For this reason, cemetery staff ask the mourners to be protected to protect the masons. Self-care 
The preventive measure of those attending a burial should be the responsibility of each person, said Rodolfo Audelo Avilés, assistant public service manager of the City of Culiacán.At the moment the mourners are passing, it would be very difficult to give or ask them recommendations, however, called on people to protect the accommodation to prevent coronavirus infections.

Among the measures taken by the health authorities in the second phase is to cancel the non-essential activities of the public to avoid agglomerations and possible contagions by COVID-19. They have also recommended social estrangement of at least 1.5 meters, as well as frequent hand washing or use of antibacterial if no access to water is available. Another measure is to avoid crowds of people, so public events and events from the government and private sectors have been cancelled. You may be interested:Discard that the Mexican has greater resistance to Covid-19Suman 29 deaths and 1215 confirmed cases of covid-19Quirino Ordaz announces closure of all hotels in Sinaloa by Covid-19

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