translated from Spanish: Gendarmerie confirmed three new cases of coronavirus in Puente Alto prison

Gendarmería confirmed, through a statement, three new cases of covid-19 contagion from interns of the Stop-trial Detention Center of Puente Alto.The diagnosis was confirmed by the Health Area of the prison. The institution said that in the face of suspected presence of the virus, inmates had been in solitary confinement for 7 days.» Currently two of the infected are in the Hospital Sótero del Río and the remaining two in units of the criminal unit intended for isolation, away from the rest of the criminal population,» the institution said of the total cases reported in the Enclosure. Gendarmerie further reported that the cases are recorded in the report provided by the Ministry of Health, and with monitoring by the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of the portfolio in the Metropolitan Region. Faced with the situation, the Minister of Justice Hernán Larraín said that «we warn that we are facing a very complex situation. Those in prison are locked up and therefore live very closely. Normally, prisons are overcrowded and therefore any contagion is highly spread and has the effects we want to avoid. That’s why we’re asking for this commutative pardon.» Also read: Justice Minister asked Chile senators Let’s withdraw ct request for commutative pardon law

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