translated from Spanish: Gines advanced a DNU to declare public interest health resources

Ginés González García presented virtually to the deputies of the Committee on Social Action and Public Health and provided details of the operation that the national state carries out to curb the coronavirus pandemic. In that regard, he clarified that he seeks a decree of necessity and urgency to declare in «public interest to every health resource in Argentina». 
On the other hand, the Minister of Health referred to the purchase of respirators, which ensured the capacity to supply: «We decided that export should be banned because they had some orders from other countries and that all production was purchased by the Nation and the distribute the provinces,» he said. González García stated that «today 120 respirators are manufactured per week, and in May 200 will be produced», which produces the previously mentioned supply capacity. 
In the meantime, he stressed that the advent of the virus occurred later than in other countries such as Europeans and allowed «learning from the things that we believe other countries have not done well.» Regarding the reagents to detect the disease, the official said: «Today we have many and the last request is half a million.» At some point they are unused, because by diagnosis any respiratory problem is treated as if it were by the virus.»

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