translated from Spanish: Students to cut their footballers’ pay in a «step-by-step and supportive» way

In recent weeks, several clubs in Europe announced the reduction in the salaries of their footballers from the major campus, in order to pay employees’ salaries as institutions face a crisis triggered by the suspension of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). And in Argentina, the first to take that step was Estudiantes de La Plata. As announced by President Juan Sebastián Verón, they will begin implementing pay cuts on First Division players in a «staggered and supportive» way.
The leader spoke with the leaders of the professional squad, among them Mariano Andujar, Gastón Fernández, Javier Mascherano and Jonathan Schunke, to inform them of the decision and explain that it is a necessary and inevitable measure in the face of the preventive closure of the club.» We inform the players that we will review on a case-by-case basis, it will not be the same for everyone. We have to be supportive in order to keep the payments. We have to try to do our best, but everyone has to make an effort,» Verón said in the middle All Pasión.La idea of student leadership is to make a scale of contracts as if it were an inverted pyramid: the ones who charge the most are going to have a reductions and those who charge the least probably don’t have any.
«We’re talking and we’re not going to have any problems. They understand well the moment that we are going through and what is coming, because this will be long», concluded Verón.Last Monday, the general secretary of Footballers Argentino Agremiados (FAA), Sergio Marchi, opposed any kind of salary rebate for the players. «Some leaders are looking for excuses for mismanagement or misconduct in budgeting,» la reputed in dialogue with La Red radio.

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