translated from Spanish: They will invest 85 mdp for medical equipment before covid-19 in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- During the meeting of the State Health Committee for the subject of COVID 19, which meets daily, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel disclosed that 85 million pesos will be invested in an extraordinary and expeditious manner to acquire equipment and supplies in order to prepare the various hospitals for the care of Coronavirus patients who may arrive in the coming weeks. Together with his wife, DIF Sinaloa President Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, and Health Secretary Efrén Encinas Torres, the state representative led this working meeting that brought together those responsible for all institutions related to the care of this such as the directors of the General Hospitals, the Culiacan Civil Hospital, the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital, the delegates of IMSS, ISSSTE, Civil Protection, and even the Mexican Army, as it will be this institution that will take over the operation Culiacan General Hospital, which will be enabled exclusively for the treatment of COVID 19 cases.

As far as the announcement of the investment is concerned, he explained that the purpose is to immediately equip the various hospitals, in order to be able to deal with a possible increase in cases of contagion, and therefore the public tender for the acquisition was already launched equipment, such as fans, monitors, beds, and medical supplies, such as bed covers, gloves, gowns, protective visors, that is, everything that is taken care of to protect also the doctors and nurses who treat these cases. Such a tendering process shall be expeditious, with the purpose of making it within the next two or three weeks in which hospitals receive the material. With regard to hospital conversion, it was specified that the new General Hospital of Culiacan, with its 120 beds, will be exclusively left to receive positive patients of COVID 19, and it will be the Ministry of National Defense that will operate it with its own military doctors and nurses, as well as equipping the equipment, which will be an investment of 800 million pesos. It should be noted that the construction work of this new hospital accelerated in the face of this panorama of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it is estimated that it will be completed within a few weeks for it to enter into operation immediately. For his part, Dr. Efrén Overs Torres reported that he will continue to operate the current General Hospital of Culiacán, which will also be converted as a COVID hospital, as well as the new General Hospital of Mazatlan «Dr. Martiniano Carvajal», and that of Los Mochis as well, and ordinary patients will be referred to IMSS and ISSSTE hospitals. As for these two federal institutions, imSS delegate Dr. Luis Rafael López Ocaña reported that to this day the No. 1 Regional Hospital in Culiacán, has available 56 beds exclusively for COVID patients, enabled with fans, but in case of the number of contagions is exponentially increased to the degree of exceeding the capacity already installed, this noocomia will also be converted as a COVID hospital, and its ordinary patients will be treated in the hospitals of Navolato and Costa turn, the ISSSTE delegate, Dr. Marcial Silva Gómez, reported that the Hospital de Culiacán has 30 beds, los Mochis with 6 and Mazatlan, also with 6, to give a total of 42 beds available exclusively for patients infected with Coronavirus. , the Coppel Group also contributes to this strategy whose objective is to prepare hospital capacity in the event of a possible uptick in cases, and in this regard, Adrián Coppel Luken disclosed that the company will rent a Culiacán hotel to be used in its entirety as a isolation hospital for all those non-serious patients who do not require being piped and connected to fans, but simply keep the insulation measures. The employer added it is also contemplated to rent another hotel, but this one is occupied by the medical and nursing staff who attend to the patients infected by Coronavirus, so that they can rest there during breaks in their work shifts and not move to their homes and put their own families at risk of contagion, a similar situation in countries where the COVID 19 pandemic made crises.

Ms. Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz noted that by taking advantage of the recess of work of the CREE and CRRI therapy and rehabilitation centers, her doctors, therapists and even psychologists will be available to collaborate in the operation of these COVID hospitals that will be converted. It should be noted that this Health Committee meets daily, and tomorrow Thursday it will do it again, and on this occasion they were also present by the Government of the State, the Secretary General of the Government, Gonzalo Gómez Flores; Secretary of Administration and Finance, Luis Alberto de la Vega Armenta; the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez; the Secretary of Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo; the secretary of Innovation, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázares; Undersecretary of Government Joel Bouciéguez Lizárraga; and the director of Civil Protection, Francisco Vega Mesa.

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