translated from Spanish: AnFP will cut Reinaldo Rueda’s salary

The National Professional Football Association (ANFP) unveiled a contigence plan to deal «efficiently and responsibly with the complex economic situation facing Chilean football», due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the same reason, the DT of the selection, Reinaldo Rueda will see his salary reduced, as indicated by El Mercurio. The rest of the measures were announced through the official ANFP website. «In order to mitigate the impact of this scenario and the decline in revenue over the coming months,» a budget adjustment and a package of measures are being «implemented to address this new reality, which will involve reallocation of funds», Announced. The measures announced by the Quilín-based agency are as follows:- New budget, which is adapted to the new financial reality.- Reorientation of operating flows, investment and financing.- Adjustments in the compensation of the Technical Bodies of national selections.- Suspension of travel, commission meetings and staffings.- Adjustments in the implementation of 2020 projects, which will be postponed for the year 2021.- Rescheduling in the payment of Insurance.- Review and suspension of Non-essential supplier contracts.- Analysis of possible changes in the scheduling of the 2020 championships.Finally, the ANFP called for the «union of all actors to deliver sustainability to the activity and protect our institutions , its collaborators and all those who work around Chilean football.» It should be remembered that on Wednesday, the president of the national football, Sebastian Moreno, announced the application for a $10 million loan, money that will go to the aid of the Primera A and Primera B clubs.

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