translated from Spanish: COVID-19 halts search for missing persons in Mexico

The search for missing persons by relatives of victims will be suspended due to the health emergency of coronavirus COVID-19, collectives reported.
Through a statement, different search groups in the country explained that “for families of missing persons mandatory isolation means days lost for our loved ones to return home.”
“However, we are very clear that it is time to prioritize the lives of all people; if we are not healthy and healthy, we will not be useful in continuing to look for the more than 61,000 people we lack,” they said.
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Search stops, but disappearances do not
The groups regretted that the disappearances of people did not stop, so they asked the Search Commissions, Specialized Prosecutors and Executive Commissions for The Care of Victims of the country to maintain their tasks in the contingency period.
“This is a physical pause, but not a mental pause. Staying at home doesn’t mean standing with our arms crossed, but the opportunity to think of ways to look,” they said.
The organizations asked the authorities to report how they will cope with the immediate search during the period of coronavirus isolation, “to return our loved ones home.”

The health emergency by Covid-19 that lives Mexico and the world demands the solidarity of all, if we are not healthy and healthy, we cannot look for the more than 61 thousand people that we lack.
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— @movNDmx (@movNDmx) April 2, 2020

On 30 March the General Health Council declared a health emergency in the country due to force majeure to the epidemic generated by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
In the face of the growth of cases, which reached 1,093 positives on Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that the period of suspension of non-essential activities is extending until 30 April.
Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell explained that this measure will apply to the public, private and social sectors and aims to mitigate the suspension of the virus.
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Activities that should not stop because they are considered essential are those that are directly necessary to address the health contingency: medical, paramedical, administrative and support branch throughout the public and private health sector.
Those involved in public safety and citizen protection; in the defence of integrity and national sovereignty; the pursuit and impartiality of justice, as well as legislative activity at the federal and state levels.
Also the sectors for the priority functioning of the economy, transport and cargo services, as well as telecommunications and media, and the conservation and maintenance of critical infrastructure that ensures the production and distribution of indispensable services.
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