translated from Spanish: Digital activities scheduled in tribute to the fallen in Falklands

On April 2, 1982, under the orders of General Leopoldo Galtieri, then at the helm of the last military dictatorship in Argentina, Argentine troops entrusted to «Operational Rosario» landed in the Falkland Islands to take control of the territory. 38 years after the start of the Falklands War, Veterans and Fallen Day in the conflict is commemorated today across the country with flags, vigils and virtual recitals. Likewise, the call will take place for citizens to sing the National Anthem from their homes, due to the social isolation, preventive and mandatory established by the national government to contain the advance of coronavirus in the country.

On April 2 atypically because of quarantine restrictions, without the usual official acts and no public activity, ex-combatant centres, fallen relatives and the government will perform different types of virtual tributes. First, the secretary of the Falklands, Antarctica and South Atlantic, Daniel Filmus, posted on his social networks a video in which he ratifies the «commitment for the Argentine flag to fly forever on the islands». For its part, the Falklands and South Atlantic Islands Museum published at midnight in its networks a virtual recital by León Gieco, in which the singer offered from his home emblematic songs such as «Solo I Ask God» and «La Memoria». The Falklands Museum together with the Ministry of Culture launched the virtual campaign #MalvinasEsSoberanía, open to citizens and of which also participate artists, intellectuals and references of culture who will leave their message.

Also various groups of former fighters of the country such as the Falkland Islands Combatant Centre (Cecim) and the Commission of Relatives of the Fallen in Falklands and Islands of the South Atlantic called to join the campaign to honor the fallen soldiers in the war with the Kingdom Unido.La health crisis for the coronavirus caused the city of Rio Grande to have to suspend the traditional mass vigil that it holds on April 1. since 1995, which is carried out in commemoration and awareness of the cause Malvinas.Es by this is what former fighters in that city decided this year to call for a virtual vigil with allusive plates to be published over the networks. Similarly, they invited the 21 of the neighbors across the province to «go out to the balconies, windows and courtyards» today to sing the anthem, make a minute’s silence in tribute to the deceased ex-combatants, and conclude with a round of applause «for the veterans who returned and are alive.» In this note:

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