translated from Spanish: Marcelo Elusich, a very Guasavian Argentinian

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Marcelo Rafael Elusich is an Argentine basketball coach who arrived for five months in Guasave to lead Fray-les de Guasave and is now 15 years old living in the city. It was here that the South American managed to create a family.

Your arrival
In an interview for EL DEBATE the famous coach said it was in 2015 that frayles’ board, Arturo Gaxiola and Noel Leyva, contacted him to come and lead the team, as they would not renew the contract to fellow Argentine Alejandro Hasbani.It was so that he came to this city to be tested with the ‘Carmelitas’ on a five-month contract, ending the season in May, and it was in August that he would return from his native Argentina to no longer return, since it was this season that he met who is his wife today. It was in 2006 that he finished champion with the ‘Carmelita’ ensemble, which led to him being spoken to work at the LNBP and stayed full-time in Mexico, already adding 13 seasons at the Pacific Coast Basketball Circuit, currently with Giants of Jalisco.Su arrival
Marcelo explained that apart from his family, what convinced him to stay in Guasave was the people, because from the first day of his arrival they made him feel like a guasavense more.
I used to be the Argentine coach. Now for everyone I am Marcelo, the experienced coach said.

It was in 2005 that he spent his first Christmas outside his house, recalling that it was with the Péimbert family, of whom he says are his great friends and brothers of Guasave, especially Adol-fo, the popular «Lopo», who for many years was his assistant.

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