translated from Spanish: Minister Hutt awaits resumption of intercity buses suspended after sanitary customs installation in terminals

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) highlighted the implementation of sanitary customs in the main bus terminals of the Metropolitan Region, a measure that began its implementation on Wednesday, April 1 at the San Borja terminal.” During these first hours of implementing the measure we want to highlight the collaboration and willingness that citizens have had with the health control staff who are carrying out the checks,” said Minister Gloria Hutt. As we demonstrated yesterday, health checks are active at intercity bus terminals. We start with the main ones of the Metropolitan Region, and then extend to the rest of the country. This has the advantage of filtering, in advance, that is, before getting on the bus all passengers and detecting one that may have a risk index and not allowing it to get on the bus, this protects all those who will make the trip and also the drivers” , added the secretary of Estado.La bet on customs operation is accompanied by other measures that have been promoted in conjunction with intercity bus companies, such as the dissemination of videos with measures to prevent the contagion of COVID-19, as well as the periodic sanitization of vehicles and voluntary passenger registration for travel less than five hours. In this regard, the authority reported that the services of some companies that had suspended their intercity travel will resume. The decision to resume would have been made as a result of the implementation of health checks.” By launching the start of this measure of health checks at the beginning of the trip, a significant concern that drivers had has been relaxed, which also opened up the possibility of re-operating, of returning to the intercity services so because in the face of the scenario of reducing air transport, ground transport also has a key role to play in mobilizing many people who still need to move by the nature of their activity,” said the MTT holder.

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