translated from Spanish: #MMAencasa, the environmental campaign to raise awareness during quarantine

In these days when schools are classless and many people must remain at home to avoid Covid-19 contagions, the Ministry of the Environment seeks to assist in the creation of habits that take care of the planet.
In this regard, the minister of the sector, Carolina Schmidt, commented that «nature demands our attention and today we can be a contribution from our homes».
#MMAencasa urges you to be part of the circular economy with documentaries, learn tips for making ecoladrillos and dividing waste, among other activities, but also offers the opportunity to think about the role of each one for tomorrow, delivering material focused on education and early childhood.
There is 31 Minute material, Singing I Learn to Speak, among others, for the little ones. «We know that many families today encounter the difficulty of not having a kindergarten and not having school, and they are concerned about their children’s learning. And what better way than to help them in an entertaining way, by encouraging environmental care,» Minister Schmidt said.
#MMAencasa topics
Online Environmental Education: environmental educational information specially designed for children in different formats: videos and activities to perform.
Ecolibrary: Virtual space containing texts, stories and guides on various environmental topics.
Adriana Hoffman Environmental Information Academy: Upcoming courses: Waste and Environmental Education for Basic and Middle Education Teachers; Environmental Education for Citizenship
Environmental Education Repository: Educational guides for teachers, citizens and officials.
Practical and simple challenges for the family about circular economy and the care of the planet.
Children’s space
Child education material developed in conjunction with Cantando Aprendo Hablar, Bilz and Pap and 31 minutes, among others.
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