translated from Spanish: Morelianos seek to shield health personnel and coronavirus policemen

Morelia, Michoacán.- In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic (covid-19) a group of citizens has coordinated to shield medical personnel and police from the disease, as they will be the ones who have direct contact with the infected and are on the streets with constant risk of contagion.
The altruistic work of these moraenders consists of the «artisanal» manufacture of masks that prevent the virus from falling on the face, eyes or mouths of doctors, nursing workers or public safety officers during the performance of their Work.
The idea came from Juan Carlos G. Aguilera and Luis Gerardo Martínez Hernández, they shared it with their friends Juan Sergio Méndez López and Enrique Méndez and started the work for the elaboration of this article, which in the market would cost about 400 pesos each.
With regard to this noble cause, Juan Sergio Méndez «Keko», said: «When we arrive at health centers and hospitals we help doctors, but also nurses, stretchers, ambulance drivers and policemen, because they are all going to be in direct contact with the virus.
«Our concern, without speaking badly or getting into any political issue, that has never been, is that there is a supply shortfall in hospitals, whether at the federal or state level, and all we are looking for is that those who are going to defend us from this virus , those on the front line, have the minimum to protect yourself: that it is head coverings, gloves, antibacterial gel and alcohol».

The team aims to give as many tools as possible to the heroes of medicine and public safety to get them out to fight covid-19, because apart from the masks they also donate antibacterial gel, latex gloves, head coverings and alcohol: «It was an idea of Juan Carlos Aguilera and a friend who has his upholstery on Boulevard Arriaga Rivera, named Luis Gerardo, made masks that protected the faces of the coronavirus.
«They first took six so that Juan Carlos and his colleagues working at IMSS would be safe from contagion and then I joined them. I loved the idea and in the end we did 60, then 600 and from there we aspired to 6 thousand, which is the goal we have to cover all the hospitals of Morelia», explained «Keko».
They have a vehicle that was colored logos similar to those of «Ghostbusters», but instead of a ghost is the image of the coronavirus with the prohibition sign, which they decided to put in case the transit measures on the streets get to get more as in other countries due to the danger of excessive contagion.

«From Monday to Friday we have a few volunteers. I help raise funds, buy all supplies and deliver the material to hospitals. The price of the masks is very high in the market, they are priced about 400 pesos and we want to help. We reiterate that people can support from home with a donation of how much they like,» stressed Juan Sergio Méndez.
The account number is: 4213 1680 5343 5061 in the name of Juan Sergio Méndez López in the bank HSBC. The money deposited is immediately earmarked for the purchase of the material used in the construction of the protective masks and in the other health resources that are donated.
«They will not be very pretty, although for us they are beautiful, but they serve perfectly to take care of the virus; while someone with a coronavirus sufferer, brings gloves, mouth caps and the mask, covering his nose, eyes and mouth, will be shielded, as the mask closes to his ears, under his chin and seals on his forehead. The material is a mica PVC.15 that costs 49 pesos a meter, but it is the one that carries the original equipment that will serve them during the contingency because it is washable», said the interviewee.

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