translated from Spanish: The “reels” at Special Forces Police Station No.28

On the night of March 21, music was loud on San Isidro Street, in the heart of Santiago. “Don’t think it’s so important” – one of the successes of cumbia villera during 2019 – rumbled at full volume in the neighborhood and was busted at full throttle.
A few days earlier, on March 18, the President, Sebastián Piñera, had decreed a State of National Catastrophe due to the health crisis for the Coronavirus and on the night of March 22, he would begin to rule the touch between ten o’clock at night and 5 a.m. For this reason, it was striking in the sector that those who danced reggaeton and sang cumbia villera outside the Special Forces Carabinieri of the No. 28.
Daddy Yankie’s “Break” and some old school reggaetons also sounded. A situation that was not left alone on that weekend, but has been a constant these days. Moreover, between the night of Tuesday 31 March and the early morning of April 1, in a curfew and total quarantine for the commune of Santiago, in the neighborhood was heard at full volume “Safaera” of Bad Bunny.

These night “reels” of Commissioner No.28 have been denounced on social media by neighbours, who have even recorded in 133 Carabineros because of the annoying noises – until 4 a.m. – that has been played by the forces of Special.
Among the neighbours of the neighbourhood, they explained that in this period of the health crisis there have been roasts, such as Sunday 26 March and that only after 23:00 hours would they have lowered the volume.
It should be remembered that during the State of Exception the authority under Carabineros is the Armed Forces.

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