translated from Spanish: The story behind the African meme dancing with a coffin

There’s no way you didn’t get any video with the parody of this wake. By Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook at some point the image came to the end with the particular six-shoulder dance carrying a drawer on their shoulders, dressed up in special costumes and dancing at full rhythm. Beyond the humor that was unleashed by this, it has to do with a great tradition that is carried out in many countries of the world. In these places, beyond tragedy, the feeling of happiness for everything achieved in the person’s life is the one who reigns and Ghana often burys their relatives dancing with them.
The video just comes out of these celebrations and has Benjamin Aidoo as the leader of a group calling himself Pallbearers and serving all communities. Aidoo himself was in charge of commenting that they have different ways to dance, move and make the party complete with a team of 100 people who work with him.
«A dance trip to their last resting place,» remarked the daughter of one of the deceased people who called this group to gather everyone and fire her mother with the joy of having enjoyed it. 

But going back to what the video was, «Know your meme» is an account that tracks the origin of the meme. This time it was a YouTube video uploaded by Travelin Sister on January 22, 2015, which described the cultural phenomenon of dance-bearers. The video received more than 2.9 million views in five years and now looks like it will continue to add up.

Original source in Spanish

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