translated from Spanish: 18 years without Marita Verón, her mother’s message: «We will not rest until we find her»

«I would like my daughter to know wherever her family is waiting for her with a lot of love and that we will not rest until we find her,» as every day, but mainly on this date, Susana Trimarco does not lose hope of finding her daughter. Maria de los Angeles Verón was 22 when she disappeared on the 3rd of Abirl 2002. He was on his way from his mother’s house to study our Lady of Mercy in San Miguel de Tucumán, capital of the province. It’s been 18 years and her family is still looking for her.

Messages from Susana Trimarco, mother of Marita Verón

As a new anniversary of the date was met, Trimarco wrote several messages through his Twitter account. «Today marks the 18th birthday of the abduction of my beloved daughter Marita. Despite the passage of time, all days are present in our hearts and in our lives. From his brother Horacio, his daughter Micaela and mine,» he said. «We will continue to seek Marita to find peace and justice in our lives,» he said. Coroner Victor Manuel Pérez raised the case to trial against 13 defendants who had kidnapped the young woman to force her to practice prostitution in La Rioja. The oral trial took place in 2012, culminating in December of that year with the acquittal of all the defendants.

Messages from Susana Trimarco, mother of Marita Verón

However, at the end of 2013, the provincial Supreme Court partially overturned that ruling and ruled that a new court should pay the sentence to 10 of the 13 defendants supporting the alleged innocence of the brothers linked to the Ale clan, Maria Jesus and Victor Rivero. Which did not involve Irma Lidia Medina, owner of the Riojan brothels, who died in February of that year. The highest court considered Brothers Gómez, Milhein and González to co-authors of the crime ofraint retention and concealment aggravated for the exercise of Marita’s prostitution and necessary participants in those crimes derobertis, Bustos, Andrada, Márquez, Luna and Gaitán.

Messages from Susana Trimarco, mother of Marita Verón

Among the latest developments, Trimarco filed the complaint with the prosecutor Marcelo Colombo of the Protex’s Treaty and Exploitation Office, after receiving testimony from a key source that he was still cautiously in reserve. «All this time I have received a lot of information that I turned to Justice. A man I don’t know has contacted me to give me some data, and that’s good because it gives you hope,» he said. Like Marita, the name of all women today forms a cause for a struggle for the cessation of gender-based violence, crimes of sexual exploitation and femicides in the country. The claim is latent, for all, that not missing a single less.Every less than 30 hours a woman is killed at the hands of a violent male in Argentina. Even by quarantine, many of them are forced to remain on the same roof as their abuser. If you suffer from gender-based violence or know someone who is a victim of it, contact toll-free 144, WhatsApp numbers 11-2771-6463, 11-2775-9047 and 11-2775-9048 and by email to the address Advice and retenment are provided 24 hours a day. In this note:

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