translated from Spanish: How to sell or lease a property in quarantine times

Covid-19 is challenging health and the economy. That’s why the real estate market has had to innovate in new alternatives to sell or lease a property. Can you find interested, despite quarantine?
Virtual tools can help showcase your home or department in a much more engaging way, revealing opportunities for many users, brokers and real estate.
«Technology today allows those looking for a potential home to find their new home at home, using tools that make it possible to know it remotely and imagine what their life would be like there. The important thing for those who need to lease or sell their property is to understand that these applications exist and learn how to use them to attract more users,» said Eduardo Donoso, Marketing Manager of, who delivers some recommendations that will help achieve this purpose quickly and innovatively.
The so-called #QuédateEnCasa does not mean that your property loses visibility. Today you can get to know a house or apartment from miles away thanks to applications that allow you to travel virtually every corner of the home and generate a very good user experience.
The 360o panorama technique allows users to move through the image, moving through the different spaces of the house; while 360o videos show a property through a recording that features audio and even a presentation from a seller. This can be done by purchasing a 360 camera or by hiring a company that takes over the work. Some options are explore 360, virtual tour chili, 360 magic tour and Magamatech, but the important thing is to find a supplier according to the needs of each one that manages to get the best out of your home.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Photographs serve in every context, but today more than ever. They do 80% of the work when capturing the attention of a potential client. Therefore, the most important thing when posting a notice of sale or lease of a property is to have illuminated images, which present a pleasant composition of the space that you want to show and hopefully horizontal. The more photos and the better quality you have, the closer you’ll be to a potential interested.
Arm a «telecorrcorndo»
Arranging a virtual meeting with a prospective tenant or buyer and taking a live tour is another alternative to showing your property at a time when the recommendation is not to leave home. To do this there are various tools such as Google Hangout, Team or Zoom. Even WhatsApp makes it possible to make video calls!
Social media visibility
In recent weeks we have seen an increase in the consumption of information on social networks. It can be the perfect time to check if we’re making the most of all the digital channels where our property can achieve visibility.
Leverage your digital tools
There are various softwares and applications that allow you to get information in a couple of clicks and save yourself paperwork. The important thing is to find them, learn how to use them and avoid exits. For example, do you know at what price similar properties are being sold in the same neighborhood or in similar ones?
Appraisal is a process that delivers certainties about the price of a property, however, it can take up to three months. In the context of the health emergency that lives our country and the world, applications such as virtual appraisal of can help prevent this process.

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