translated from Spanish: Undersecretary of Justice assured that draft pardon does not consider prisoners for serious crimes

According to the authority, the plan that would benefit 1,300 inmates does not include those with sentences greater than 10 years, nor those convicted of femicide, parricide, rape or abusers.

This morning the Undersecretary of Justice, Sebastian Valenzuela, referred to the bill that would deliver a commutative pardon to 1,300 inmates. In that regard, he assured that he did not include those prisoners who have been convicted with sentences of more than 10 years of prisons. Speaking to Cooperative, the authority commented that “this is a pardon project that is tremendously important to the country. You well know that the pandemic that queers everyone today is mainly dangerous to vulnerable populations such as prisons.” “This project would have pleased us already have it dispatched last Friday from Congress, unfortunately we are already more than a week late and we will understand until next week,” Valenzuela said. Subsequently, the authority emphasized that “because it is a pardon requires a qualified quorum, but when the vote took place during the processing, not all the parliamentarians present in the Chamber were present and we hope that this time, given the importance has the issue and the measures that have been set out by the Government, to have a law of pardon.” In that regard, he also added that “this is a pardon that does not benefit people convicted of serious crimes, who have sentences of over 10 years. Not only are crimes against humanity, we are also talking about excluding femicides, parricides, rapists, sexual abusers of children and therefore there is an extensive catalogue of crimes that are excluded”

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