translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez on the reduction of salaries to officials: “I think it’s a very demagogic act”

After several days of saucepans, President Alberto Fernández stated that he finds it “a demagogic act” to claim donation of salaries from public officials and remarked that in his government there is no one “stealing money, gnocchi or receiving envelopes from the left”.

“Don’t come to me with those things, then they call us populists,” Mitre radio air said on Saturday morning when asked about a portion of the population’s claim for officials. “These are officials who call them at 7 a.m. and 12 a.m. and continue to attend. That a day like today I quote them in Olives and they come. The truth is, those officials aren’t stealing the money,” the president said. The representative argued that “everyone has the right to donate their salary” and wanted to make a difference that has “a government of ministers and officials who have no fortunes, accounts abroad, have no assets or companies and actually live off their salary” and stressed : “I have no one who is stealing money, is gnocchi or who receives envelopes from the left.”

On his way of working, he detailed: “There is a president who is from 7 to 2, 3 a.m. attending to what happens in every place in the country, even with personal issues of people who write me their needs.” “I find it a very demagogic act. They don’t have a president who works a week and takes two on vacation. Besides, state salaries aren’t important today. I don’t want to get in the way of that discussion,” he closed. Regarding the functioning of his government, he made it clear that he ended up with “the secret funds. It’s announced today or tomorrow. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFI) is now earmarked for coronavirus, not to enrich an official.” In this note:

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